Conversations with a Bookie- Part 2

Andre, the sports bookie who educated me about his business while we shared a row on a transcontinental airline flight, explained ‘hedging’ to me. Further, he pondered whether online influencers could constitute a substantial threat to the integrity of the business – a question that is unanswered, but perhaps increasingly important. Read about it in NASPL Insights September 2019.

Betting Randomly on Sports: New Lottery Territory?

People are publicly passionate about sports, as about little else. Where they bet money on sports, the collision of passions and skill can support a big business. Lotteries, accustomed to running games of pure chance,  face a steep learning curve if they get involved in  sports betting. But there is potential to use a sporting event to determine the outcome of a game of pure chance- if the player bets randomly. How can lotteries develop this opportunity? I explore this question in NASPL Insights September 2018.