Prize Structure Engineering

Paying prizes is the biggest cost of the lottery enterprise. Are you paying enough, or maybe too much? Any change is risky, but DREAD NOT: I can show you how to take control of this, and do better by your beneficiaries.

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Mastering Draw Games

There is more to this than variations on Lotto and Numbers! Though of course I can help you with those. I can show you the refreshing new Link2Win concept! And I can show you how to make lottery games social, and interactive.

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Business Intelligence and Analytics: Can you

  • quantify the bigger economy's effect on your business ?
  • recognize actions that produce solid (yet unspectacular) sales results?
  • identify best-performing instant games after two weeks in market?
If so, you have the benefit of excellent analytics. If not, I can help you develop these abilities.

My Offer: Rigor and Candor (with a Smile)

Playing the lottery is all about the triumph of optimism over rigorous reasoning.

Running the lottery doesn't have to be that way.

Just as there is no substitute for creativity and energy to drive the pursuit of excellence, there is no substitute for rigor and candor in evaluating results. I am candid in pointing out that sometimes, our success is due to factors beyond our influence.  I am rigorous in applying good data science methods to identify  improvements that might be missed by casual observation. In this, I am still guided by the principles I learned as a "hard" scientist. I express these principles in my approach to business intelligence and analytics.

Applying rigorous methods in my study of instant game prize structures, I found some surprises. Candidly: I have found lots of room for improvement in commonly-used prize structures. I can probably accelerate your sales and add millions to your bottom line.

Applying rigorous methods to studying the draw game business, I find the lack of engagement among younger players ominous, but not unexpected.  Candidly: we need to apply what we have learned in the instant business to draw games;  we need to go further and build games that people want to play together.


But how?

There is more than one way I can help you. We can always engage through your standard procurement process;  we can sometimes work through one of the vendors you already use. Let's talk: send me an e-mail, or use the button to the right, and we'll set up a time.