Mastering Draw Games

By mastering draw games, I do not mean controlling them. Rather, I mean recognizing that an honest draw game is beyond our control. All of them behave in accordance with their mathematical properties over the long term. While for some games the long term may be months, for others (like Powerball and Mega Millions) the long term may be decades. I can help you master your draw games by understanding their volatility, and what that implies for your planning. And of course, I can help you understand how a different game design might behave.

Lotteries are challenged to maintain their profitable draw game business, where innovation has been minimal. The most avid Lotto players were young, when Lotto was new. It is not clear that young potential players today will "mature into" playing the old games. Rather, people today express more enthusiasm for games that have a social dimension, and that let players express themselves through choices.

Over the long term, I am confident that lottery games of the future will be more social and more active than those we sell now. I have taken the desire for choice and a social dimension as a challenge in my own design work. I currently have a US Patent pending on game designs that help players pursue big jackpots in a cooperative way, at the scale of a social network. Implementing these games requires new capabilities of our infrastructure, and that will take time.

But we don't have to wait for significant innovation! I am delighted to be working with Link2Win games, to introduce games that are refreshingly new in concept to the lottery world. I have studied these games extensively, and believe they have properties that will engage players better than anything we sell now, with minimal demands on our infrastructure.

Read my article in Gaming Intelligence for the results of my study of Link2Win games for the space now dominated by quick-draw Keno: KenoLinka!