Mastering Draw Games

Understanding why games of chance behave as they do requires understanding the math that governs them. Likewise, creating a game with properties we want needs getting the underlying mathematical character right. I can help you with that, whether you want to understand the potential of your current games, or develop something new and different. And I can show you the freshest concepts in draw games!

  • Get away from matching numbers, with Link2Win!
  • Enable collaborative play on a massive scale, with Game of Shares!


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Engineering Instant Game Prize Structures

The experience of wins keeps players coming back to instant games, and paying prizes in instant games is the primary operating expense of most lotteries. It is not simply a matter of paying too much or not enough - the real question is which prizes to fund.  How can we best support the lifetime value of a player? This is an intensely quantitative question. I help you arrive at well-reasoned and quantitatively justified decisions in this critically important area.

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Business Intelligence for the Lottery Industry

Lotteries have lots of information about their sales, and very little about their customers. How to make the most of this?

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Complement your team

Creator, developer, teacher, or outside reviewer - I can help in any of these roles.